33 Fitness Marketing Tips to Pump You Up

Fitness marketing is a vital aspect to your fitness business plan. Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of it? Follow these 33 fitness marketing tips to get you started, and always remember…

Have fun!

1. Check out the book entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.” It’s a life changing book and has an Audio CD form as well.

2. There is another audio CD that is called “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. It is just as awesome when you want that mindset for maximum attraction success.

3. Listen to “The Secret” audio CD too or watch the DVD version.

4. To beef up your fitness marketing strategies, subscribe to the PTPower website and learn from BFF Bedros Keuilian.

5. Find out more fitness marketing tactics from Chris McCombs on the KickBackLife website

6. Learn the ropes in getting more new clients by visiting ACupOfCopy.net – a site owned by my little brother David Tendrich who is a genius who knows how to write a sales copy that pulls cash.

7. Understand the Fitness Marketing Manifesto which is a set of modern and dominant marketing methods that are used by myself and a lot of the successful people I know.

8. Set up your own Fit Body Boot Camp by opening several six-figure boot camps that are managed by other experienced trainers to reach the financial freedom that Bedros and I enjoy.

9. Give experience as opposed to giving your clients and entire boot camp a workout.

10. Increase your energy levels!

11. Communicate with around 20 people each day and convince them to join your new fitness program.

12. Find a personal assistant to help you.

13. Become part of a mastermind run by experts marketers

14. Obtain “Influential Writing” by Dan Kennedy

15. Have your own perspective. Some people are out there to do whatever it takes to experience your day.

16. Jot down your goals on paper.

17. Keep everyone happy. It will reflect back to you.

18. Hire a business coach in fitness.

19. Allocate additional time for your fitness business. Know that 80% should be spent working “in” and the remaining 20% working “on” your business.

20. Be in the circle of like-minded people.

21. Figure out WHAT you want and WHY it is wanted and write it down. Then plan a big ACTION that will drive you to get it.

22. At the end of the day, make a to-do list with what you should accomplish the next day.

23. Show yourself as a “Pumper Upper” to as many people as you can per day.

24. Spend 2 minutes per day on meditating for a better quality lifestyle.

25. Focus on your dream rather than training your clients each time you wake up in the morning.

26. Avoid arguing as nobody can ever win. Instead, utilize the AFFF method which involves you agreeing and understanding their feelings. Then you can show your findings afterwards.

27. Read a book by Dantalion Jones called “Mind Control 101”.

28. Look for a mentor

29. Take the negative people out of the picture.

30. Read Neil Strauss’s “The Game” book.

31. Get the feeling of a fitness expert by having the BEST shape ever.

32. Taking fish oil supplements can make you smarter and improve your memory.

33. Look deeply in the eye… and tell that buddy how much you’d love to party.

I hope you’re just as pumped as I am for you to be successful in your fitness marketing. Get ready to boost your business and leave your competitors in the dust!

Fitness Marketing Plan – 5 Reasons You Need One

Most personal trainers, and gym owners underestimate the power of having a fitness marketing plan. Doing so costs business owners valuable revenue each, and every year. Not preparing for success is like missing the boat. Wouldn’t you want to put yourself in the best opportunity to succeed financially in either your fitness business, gym, or personal training business? I sure hope so.

Having your own roadmap to fitness profits is not optional, but mandatory. Imagine not having a roadmap, or GPS while driving from Los Angeles to New York City. That is what life is like for fitness professionals who fail to create their own fitness marketing plan.

Hopefully, I grabbed your full attention on the importance of having a well thought out profit plan. However, you are probably wondering why every fitness professional must have a written profit plan. Below I will provide you with 5 compelling reasons why you need to arm yourself with your own success plan.

1. Your likelihood for success increases when planned.

Haven’t you heard the phrase businesses fail because they fail to plan? Are you planning? I sure hope so.

Do you think your fitness business will generate more profits by shooting at the hip, or thinking, analyzing, and creating a smart action blueprint? The answer is obvious.

If you want to improve your chances of financial success, then you simply must rely on a fitness marketing plan.

2. You will analyze your competition, and locate hidden opportunities to profit.

Sitting down, and analyzing your particular market will assist you in uncovering hidden profit opportunities you can capitalize on immediately. If you avoided this process, then you wouldn’t have located tremendous opportunities to increase income.

3. Planning helps keep you focused on your goals.

When creating a fitness marketing plan you will have written down goals, a specified time to complete them, and specific actions on how to succeed. The whole process will keep you laser focused on where you want to going.

4. Instead of standing still you will have a blueprint of action items.

Most personal trainers, and fitness entrepreneurs do not take massive action because they do not have an effective system in place to do so.

Your fitness marketing plan will have built in action items in place to propel you forward. Just follow the exact tactic you have scheduled on your calendar, and watch yourself produce.

5. Decrease the chance of risk.

Let’s face it, any opportunity you pursue will have a calculated amount of risk. Everything has a cost – time, or money. By analyzing your perceived hurdles before you take action, you can decrease your chance of roadblocks.

By now you should understand that employing your own fitness marketing plan is a tremendous asset to your financial success. Listed above are just 5 simple reasons why. Do yourself, and your personal trainer business a favor today by planning to profit. It pays!